Popcorn Diet: July 22-July 29

Popcorn Diet: July 22-July 29

Here is list of the pop culture I consumed - hence, my popcorn diet - from July 22 to July 29. Let's get into it.

Fri. July 22

Watched Equals, that new sci-fi film starring Nicholas Hoult and Kristen Stewart. I remember reading in Vulture when the film premiered at a film festival a few months ago that the Hoult/Stewart makeouts were surprisingly fiery, and I agree. Makeouts = good. The rest of the movie = nothing I hadn't read already in Brave New World, 1984, or many other dystopian future texts. Still, the movie is stylish and sexy enough to be worth watching when it eventually hits a streaming service somewhere.

Also watched the UFC card on FOX, Holm vs. Shevchenko. I only want good things for Holly Holm since she captured my heart forever by knocking Ronda Rousey around like it was nothing. Unfortunately she lost the belt to Miesha Tate and then ended up losing a decision to Valentina Shevchenko, too. Get back to winning, Holly. 

Sun. July 24

9 p.m. used to belong to Game of Thrones on HBO; now it belongs to The Night Of on HBO. It is the only TV show I am diligently watching in real-time right now. That's saying something.

Mon. July 25

Walton Goggins, that crazy motherfucker. Look at those teeth!

Walton Goggins, that crazy motherfucker. Look at those teeth!

Caught up with the latest episode of Vice Principals, which has the most LEGITIMATELY INSANE Walton Goggins faces ever. And this is the same man who was a gleeful police officer racist on The Shield; the fantastic Boyd Crowder in Justified; and the against-all-odds charming, bigoted Southerner in The Hateful Eight. I need gifs of every single thing Walton is doing on Vice Principals. Every. Single. Thing.

Tues. July 26

Saw Jason Bourne; reviewed it for Chesapeake Family. It was a thing that happened. You can read my review here

Wed. July 27

Watched a couple more episodes of the latest third season of BoJack Horseman on Netflix: "The BoJack Horseman Show" and "BoJack Kills." Cried at every single episode. Par for the course. That show consistently guts me. 

Thurs. July 28

I always have a couple of books on my bedside table, and right now the rotation includes George R.R. Martin's A Storm of Swords, which I've read three times before but still like having on hand. Because for some morbid reason, I want to re-read the Red Wedding chapter before falling asleep ... so I did.

Fri. July 29

Requested The Light Between Oceans by M. L. Stedman and A Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood from my local library. I've read the latter but not the former, and with the movie adaptation coming out next month, I'm interested in reading the book first. So I can, of course, eventually argue to someone that the book is better. As I am wont to do. 


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Representation Report: Where are my brown people?

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